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Clinical Chemistry

The Need for Purine Checks on Fisherman : Case study in Tafure of North Ternate of North Moluccas

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Received : 10 January 2022
Accepted : 10 January 2022
Published : 31 December 2021


The need for purine check on Fisherman is important because when the fisherman excess consuming highly purine contained in the food in a long rime periode will cause purine metabolism disorder and can lead to purine deposition  in  joint tissue and sorouding, and finally will become gout arthritis. The uncontrolled of Gout Arthritis  will  lead to kidney stone, kidney function impaired, and end with  kidney failure. Research aims was to analyzes purine effect toward body metabolism functions.

            Research types using is analytic research with design one sample group to analyzes purine effect toward body metabolism functions on fishermans in Tafure of North Ternate of Moluccas. Population is whole member fishermans groups in Tafure sub district with sex men as amount 55 peoples. Data analyzes use one samples t-Test, research results precentage in the form frequency distribution table with explaining and narration.    Research results showed that respondents characteristic most of the attain the age of 26-45 years as much as 29 respondents (53%), had been BMI normal category as amount 46 respondents (84%). Uric acid levels normal is 32 respondents (60%), abnormal as amount 23 repondents (40%), and food consumption habitually high purine. Statistic test results using one samples t-Test showed that age mean 44.49+Std.D 11.460 p0.000<p0.05, BMI mean 22.62_Std.D 2.468 p0.000<p0.05 and uric acid levels mean 6.69+Std.D 1.275 p0.000<p0.05. That’s mean there is influencing between aged and BMI with increasing uric acid levels that food consumption high purine influencing uric acid levels on fishermans in sub district Tafure North Ternate District.

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